Friday, April 07, 2006

Of course, i got angry at my mother, but how can i stay mad at her? She's my mother, after all. But went to two more screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival: "Burke and Wills" (an English comedy, kind of a depressed slacker comedy a la "Stranger Than Paradise" or "Clerks") and "Follow My Voice: With the Music of Hedwig" (about the creation of a tribute album using the music from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" as a benefit for the Hedrick-Martin Institute, intercut with stories of students from said institute; it's like an extended - almost two hours - segment of "In the Life" and, sure enough, it's made by people who worked on "In the Life", like Katherine Linton). But what i've been saying about "movies" is coming (horribly) true: it's all becoming TV. So much is digitally created, and now it's being digitally projected, and the qualities are such that the audience might just as well be sitting home watching TV (on their big screen monitors). But also went to the press screening of "Mountain Patrol: Kekexili" and... it was a REAL movie, a widescreen adventure epic set in the mountain regions of the Chinese-Tibetan border. The story lagged at times, but the cinematography was spectacular, and it was really gorgeous. (I'm a sucker for these quasi-ethnographic movies; last year, i loved "Travellers and Magicians" from Bhutan and the year before, i loved "The Story of the Weeping Camel"; i'm sorry, sue me, but that's what i like.)

Well, onto more Tribeca screenings. Talked to my sister: this is something i can't understand, why she called me last night at 8:30 (i was on the subway then; i actually got home at 8:45) but her message didn't come in until this morning! These cellphones... why messages come in late, i don't know, but it happens every so often.


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