Friday, March 24, 2006

Quick fixings.

The other day, when i was going to galleries, i stopped by Rizzoli's Bookstore on 57th Street, and prominently displayed was the Catalogue Raissonne of Warhol's Films by Callie Angell! Of course, i took a copy down from the display and looked through it. It's certainly a handsomely designed volume. I know Callie has been incredibly diligent about the research. But in looking at the section on "The 13 Most Beautiful Women".... i always knew Olga Adorno (who was then Olga Kluver, married to Billy Kluver; they got divorced and Olga married Jean Dupuy, and used the name Olga Adorno - was that her maiden name? - when she was performing, as she did with Jean's Grommet Theater, and then Olga was in that film that Dione Hemberger made, and then PAJ published that book of Jean Dupuy's Grommet Theater) was one of the women, and so was Ivy Nicholson, and i knew Lucinda Childs had been one of the women. Edie Sedgwick wasn't because she wasn't around yet. But i had forgotten that Brooke Hayward had been one of the women. And Sally Kirkland (it's almost like, again? Sally Kirkland?). And... Amy Taubin!


Blogger majapapaya said...

Hi Daryl. I am Olga's and Billy's daughter and it was nice to read a little hommage to them and the times at 537 Broadway. Peace,love and hair greese. maja kluver

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