Monday, April 17, 2006

The last line of my previous post should have been "Shows you how often...." Not "so you". I'm such a technologial idiot. I can't even figure out how to create links. I've looked it over (the instructions) and... i still don't understand what i'm supposed to do. Agh!

A lot of thoughts. Didn't go to any screenings, simply stayed home, reading various magazines (Interview, Premiere, NY Times Books Review). Charles came by and we all went out to Joe & Pat's on Staten Island; i thought Larry's sisters would prefer that to anything really fancy.

Over the wires, a little story about Jane Fonda feeling that she might prove a hindrance if she were to become more vocal in her opposition to the current Iraq War. About Jane Fonda: she's always been one of my favorite actresses (i loved her ever since "Walk on the Wild Side" and "The Chapman Report"), and i admire her courage in taking various stands, and in being so smart about business. But the woman remains an emotional mess: i was looking through her autobiography, and she still won't so much as mention the fact that she has two sisters! She doesn't even have the excuse that her brother had (i.e., that Pan and Amy opted to have private lives, and he respects that). Fonda feels that people like Cindy Sheehan are doing an excellent job with the protest movement against the Iraq War; she feels that she's still someone who is polarizing. Barbara Walters is subbing for Charlie Rose, and the guest is Jane Fonda.

Other stories: Bush appoints a new Chief of Staff. People are expected to resign. But nobody at the top. Bolten had been budget director. What kind of crap is this? It's like FEMA; after the debacle of Hurricane Katrina, the resignations.... but those Republicans aren't actually fired, they're just shifted to other spots on the public payroll. What is this?

Last week, there was an amazing episode of "77 Sunset Strip": it was one about a famed director who leaves a filmed will, with clues as to where the actual "treasure" is... but it was an episode where Fay Wray played a movie star from the silent period (which she was), and Neil Hamilton also played someone from the silent period (which he was), and there were segments from various old Warner Brothers movies... at one point, Jeff Spencer (Roger Smith) tells Fay Wray that he loved her in "Doctor X" (one of the Warner horror movies that she did star in)! It was aamzing because it was so self-referential: post-modernism had nothing on the way that Warners recycled itself in the late 1950s!


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