Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's now 7 July, and i'm winding down my stay in Berlin. In the last weeks, i've had a lot of fun, and i've met some people, and had a good time. But i'm already thinking of what i want to do next. It really is time to leave.

My new friend Karen has stopped her blog, because she's trying to concentrate on her own writing. I think that's why people come to Berlin: it's a place to come when you need a break. It's a place to come when you're winded, and you need to regroup.

People come to Berlin for all sorts of reasons: that's what i learned at the Center. All the Fellows are people in different stages of their careers, and everyone is taking the opportunity to chill. What's the next step?

"There's a certain shade of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion." That was one of the lines that George Axelrod wrote for Holly Golightly to say in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". In a very real sense, i've been wrecked, and i'm here trying to see if the pieces can be put together for me to start again.

One way i've done that has been Facebook. I know FB is just a silly social networking site, but i no longer have a neighborhood: once we moved, i'm no longer surrounded by people i know. And so i've found my old neighborhood online. I'm re-creating my life.

I don't like being alone: i think i always knew that, but, boy, it hit me once i was in Berlin. I was really alone, and it wasn't nice. I don't need to be alone: in fact, i can't work alone. I work best when i'm surrounded by people and there'a a lot of commotion. I thrive on having people around.

Oh, well, i've got to start thinking about what i need to do so i can leave here with no loose ends.


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