Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm exhausted! The last two week have been filled with performances and lectures and art, and i'm finally having fun in Berlin and i'm finally meeting people. But now i'm tired.

Right now, i'm a little apprehensive about this lecture i'm supposed to give on Tuesday. It's supposed to be an hour, and it's about the Judson Dance Theater. Which is fine, except that my point of view is one which does not follow the now-prescribed official "history" of the Judson Dance Theater. That official history leaves out too much, and what i want to do with the students is to give them a chance to see how much more varied and multivalent and exciting the actual history of the Judson Dance Theater was. Not just to center it on the usual suspects ("Rauschenberg's babies" as Shigeko Kubota used to call them, i.e., Steve Paxton, Yvonne Rainer, Deborah Hay, Lucinda Childs, Trisha Brown) but let them know about Sally Gross, Carla Blank, June Ekman, Elaine Summers, Ruth Emerson, Beverly Schmidt, Eddie Barton, Freddy Herko... not just the dancers, and not just the artists (Rauschenberg, Robert Morris, Alex Hay, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Huot) but also the musicians like Phil Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, John Herbert MacDowell, and even some of the theater people who were involved, especially Roberts Blossom. I want to show how the Judson Dance Theater wasn't just related to the art scene of Minimalism, but also to (say) the off-off-Broadway scene (and very explicitly in the case of those two classic Al Carmines-Lawrence Kornfeld pieces based on Gertrude Stein, "What Happened" and "In Circles").

And not just all those people (and more) but Robert Ellis Dunn.

And suddenly i am flooded with memories, and it makes me a little sad.


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