Sunday, February 24, 2008

The one thing i always find interesting about the Academy Awards is the strange moments (which many people may not understand). This year: Daniel Day-Lewis's very public acknowledgement of his son Gabriel. This is like a few years ago, when Roman Polanski was announced as Best Director for "The Pianist" and whoever was doing tech direction zoomed in on Anjelica Huston, who looked like someone had just mugged her. (There is a very complicated history between Huston and Polanski, though Jack Nicholson has remained good friends with Polanski, the rumor in Hollywood was that Nicholson did a lot of campaigning for Polanski and for Adrien Brody; it's like the year Geoffrey Rush was nominated for "Shine", and Mel Gibson - they had gone to drama school together, and had been roommates - gave parties to introduce his old chum to Hollywood, this was during the period when Gibson was certainly persona grata, and Gibson threw whatever weight he could behind Rush.)

The Weinsteins. "Nine". Marion Cotillard. Plus a lot of people actually watched the screeners of "La Vie en rose" (a.k.a. "La Mome"). Enough said.


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