Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well, yesterday was certainly exciting.

Over the weekend, there was such a flurry of letters and e.mails and announcements, all about the primaries. Several of the Kennedys (first Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, then her cousin Patrick, then her uncle Ted) endorsed Barack Obama, but Robert Kennedy Jr. and his sister Kathleen endorsed Hillary Clinton, and then Maria Schriver endorsed Obama.

Robin Winters sent an e.mail, urging people to vote in the primary (he also added an endorsement of Obama) and included a letter-to-the-editor that Joan Baez wrote to the San Francisco Chronicle, where she endorsed Obama (a really unusual move on her part, as she has studiously avoided these kinds of party politics; she has always thrown her support towards causes and issues, and i guess she feels that Obama's candidacy is really a cause).

No matter what happens, the fact that we have a primary in which the two major candidates for the Democratic Party are a woman and a black man show that change has happened in this country.

So this is all to the good. (Of course, the situation that the country is in because of the Republicans is so dire almost anything would be better. Almost, but not quite.)


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