Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, it's true: Heath Ledger's death trumped the Academy Award nominations. Sad, but true. In other entertainment news: the WGA backed off from threatening the Grammys, tentative talks are now in the works between the studios and the WGA, who knows what will happen with the Oscars, but i (as a member of the Independent Feature Project) registered with Film Independent so that i can vote for the Independent Spirit Award, but after that, i received... NOTHING! No e.mail telling me my PIN# so that i can: 1) get screeners on my Netflix queue; 2) vote. So today i went to the Spirit Award website, and put in my e.mail address and my name, and then clicked on the line which states that i would get e.mailed my PIN# if i forgot it. No e.mail.

I think that Film Independent is trying to disenfranchise the IFP membership. The problem is: the Independent Spirit Awards were started by the IFP, it's registered/trademarked by the IFP, and Film Independent can't just hijack the awards, even if Film Independent (which used to be IFP West, then IFP L.A. when other major branches, such as IFP Seattle, were developed) broke off and is now its own organization.

But i shall wait and see if i get any response in the next 24 hours.

(Actually, i've seen most of the films, but i do like seeing a few that haven't opened in NYC yet, and the screeners make it so easy!)


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