Monday, February 11, 2008

It's supposed to be cold for the next two days, and then rain on Wednesday. Oh, yes, in terms of the BAFTA Awards, Marion Cotillard won Best Actress for "La Mome"/"La Vie en rose" (US title) and Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for "There Will Be Blood" and the Best Picture was "Atonement". Javier Bardem was Best Supporting Actor for "No Country For Old Men" and Tilda Swinton was Best Supporting Actress for "Michael Clayton". Best (Original) Screenplay: Diablo Cody for "Juno". Best Adapted Screenplay: Ronald Harwood for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". Javier Bardem really is unstoppable, much like the character he plays.

And i did cast my vote for the Independent Spirit Awards on Friday. Did it online, since there was this big to-do about the Spirit Awards going green. It's still not fair to broadcast one's vote (online voting continues until Wednesday) but i will say it was tough, but the nominees were really strong this year. There was no Netflix queue but there was online streaming of various films. I still hate looking at movies on a computer. My prediction stands (especially since the 100 million dollar mark was passed a while ago): expect a sweep for "Juno" as Best Film, Best Director, Best First Screenplay, and Best Actress. At least, that's what i'm expecting at the next Independent Spirit Awards.

Roy Scheider died of skin cancer. Which reminds me that the times i would see him (he used to live near the Metropolitan Museum), he would be sitting on his terrace, sunning himself (often with those reflectors to really make sure he was getting a tan).

He was nominated for two Academy Awards. Which reminds me: unless i missed it, Luise Rainer is still alive (the original two-time Academy Award winner), so will she be trotted out again for the 80th Anniversary of the Academy Awards (assuming there is a next time)? The Writers Guild has a (tentative) deal with the studios. (Last week, one of the big announcements was that the Writers Guild had struck a deal with four independent production companies, including Killer Films and This Is That.) So we'll see....

And this time, i hope someone invites Joan Fontaine first, and lets Olivia De Havilland sit it out in Paris.


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