Thursday, January 03, 2008

Well, finally made it to the Museum of Modern Art; first, went to the press screening of Catherine Breillat's "Brief Crossing" (which i liked quite a lot) and then went through and saw the Martin Puryear exhibition, the Georges Seurat drawings, the Lucien Freud etchings, and the Latin American "multiples". And... i loved it. It was wonderful, and made me remember how much i used to love MoMA. I have to say that all the work was just so interesting....

What i liked was the differences in the different exhibits: the very precise and exquisite craft of Martin Puryear, the evocative quality of the charcoal drawings of Seurat... i'm not that crazy about Lucien Freud's work, but certainly his etchings were personal and professional. But the fact that MoMA could encompass these different aesthetics is pretty amazing.

I'm starting to get curious about the upcoming Whitney Biennial. They've released the list of artists about a month ago. William E. Jones is one of the artists, and so he'll be staying here with us during the week of the opening(s) of the Biennial.

I feel like this cold is finally lifting... but (of course) i went out today on the coldest day of the year (so far).


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