Friday, December 28, 2007

Omigod, it's been more than a week, and i've been holed up with one of the worst colds i've ever had. I can't believe it: every time i woke up, my body was aching, i was totally congested, and i felt like i should roll over and end it all.

I went to the doctor's last Friday, got some antibiotics... but the cold was a nasty one, and just would not leave. So: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were washouts, as i just stayed home. I haven't seen anyone in more than a week.

The last week, i've been reading up on all the brouhaha over the end-of-the-year lists. P. T. Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" has become a major contender. Since i didn't see it, i have no idea what the fuss is about. There are lists proliferating on IndieWire... so far, haven't seen the results of the Village Voice poll, so wonder if it will square with the IndieWire poll.

I'm feeling better today, will try to get to the gym so that i don't feel like such a slug.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was... it's one of those events that really seems incomprehensible. But it's symptomatic of the violence which accompanies so much of the fanaticism surrounding politics.

I think that there's so much instability in the world right now....

Well, i need to start getting out. I'm starting to get cabin fever.


Blogger gary said...

Hope you are feeling better Daryl!
Gary Tooze

3:10 PM

Blogger joe baltake said...

Daryl, I've been battling the same cold for two weeks now, also missing some of the end-of-the-year releases. I've spent those weeks blogging and watching TCM. Anyway, hope you are feeling better. (BTW, love the blog - made you a link on mine.) --Joe

3:31 PM


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