Saturday, December 08, 2007

Last night, went to the screening of "The Orphanage", which meant that, in one week, wound up seeing three of the six movies i missed at this year's NY Film Festival. In terms of "The Orphanage", must say it is an impeccably crafted movie, a very suggestive horror movie that really does contain enough moments which cause a real shock through the audience.

But decided that it was time for my ballot for the IndieWire poll. Just for the record, for my Top Ten (which changed constantly) wound up being: 1) "Killer of Sheep"; 2) "Into Great Silence"; 3) "13 Lakes"; 4) "Syndromes and a Century"; 5) "Colossal Youth"; 6) "The Magic Mirror"; 7) "I'm Not There"; 8) "Brand Upon the Brain"; 9) "Persepolis"; 10) "Regular Lovers". As usual, i tried to make sure that my list was as "diversified" as possible, so that no film is listed more than once, that is, i didn't do the thing where my best film also had the best director, best screenplay, etc. And this year, i really was able to spread out.

But my list for Undistributed Films: 1) "Razzle-Dazzle: The Lost World"; 2) "Lost in Beijing"; 3) "The Man From London"; 4) "Still Life"; "5) "My Father, My Lord"; 6) "Prater"; 7) "Baja las Estrellas"; 8) "La Morte Rouge"; 9) "These Encounters of Theirs"; 10) "The Romance of Astree and Celadon". And i noted that if any of those films wound up with a distributor, i'd be happy.


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