Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Before this turns into a political rant, it's the day after Election Day, this year, there were a few notable races, here in Brooklyn it was about judges. But Larry and i went to vote, as we always do.

My mother had her second cataract operation; went to see her, see if she needed anything. She has to go back tomorrow morning, so will check if she needs help.

The telephone seems to be off: it rings, i pick up, the other side can't hear us. Digital phone service isn;t what it's cracked up to be. But then, nothing is.

Which reminds me that i haven't been seeing as much lately. I went with Jeff Lunger to the screening of Jonathan Demme's "Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains", which was certainly partisan (why not? why would anyone make a movie about someone they didn't like?) but nevertheless very engrossing. But the film has gotten very mixed (not to say negative) reviews. And (actually) "Jimmy Carter" is of a piece with Demme's work: his vision of Jimmy Carter is no less affectionate a view of slightly balmy Americana as his vision of Melvin Dummar. (And Jimmy Carter emerges as just as much an American dreamer as the all the shortwave fantasists of "Citizens Band".) But that kind of affectionate Americana is now not only highly suspect, it's actively discredited, and discredited from the left as much as from the right.

I'm trying to write, and that's why it's hard to blog: my concentration is elsewhere. On Sunday, the New York City Marathon went through our neighborhood.


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