Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another week at the NY Film Festival. In addition to the screenings during the week, there was the Miramax arranged press screening on Saturday, making it a six-day week of screenings. Seen this week: "Mambo Girl" (part of the Cathay Studio retrospective); Farocki's "Respite", Pedro Costa's "The Rabbit Hunters" and Eugene Green's "Correspondences"; the short "No Part of the Pig is Wasted"; Gus Van Sant's "Paranoid Park"; Todd Haynes's "I'm Not There"; Guerin's "In the City of Sylvia"; Sokhurov's "Alexandra", Breillat's "The Old Mistress"; Noah Baumbach's "Margot at the Wedding"; the Coen Brothers's "No Country for Old Men".

Just before the screening of "I'm Not There", i was talking to Dave Kehr when Stephen Kent Jusick came up and gave me a kiss; after the screening, i was leaving when Todd was going in for his press conference, when he saw me and said "Hey, you!" and came over and gave me a hug. I don't know: i didn't realize that "I'm Not There" was going to be such a touchy-feely experience!


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