Thursday, September 13, 2007

Was knocked out this morning. Last night, had hives, very bad, all the stuff in the backyard now in bloom, agony for my allegeries, so i took an antihistamine... it really put me to sleep. Missed the first press screening of Marco Williams's "Banished".

Yesterday went to the preview for Ernie Gehr's "Panoramas of the Moving Image". The installation was absolutely exquisite. It's quite a charming show. Was happy to see Ernie. Small group at the preview, mostly people i knew: Amy Taubin, Tony Pipolo, Eileen Bowser...

What's sad is that this is really such a "general interest" show (it's great for kids), yet there doesn't seem to be the same amount of critical attention. Part of it is that the film attention right now is in Toronto. A lot of the critics who would have been at this preview (like Jim Hoberman) are in Toronto....

But the prehistory of cinema is really enjoyable. So much of it was devoted to what we would now consider animation: drawings which were then animated. So that should have a lot of appeal for children.


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