Monday, May 15, 2006

Jeff Yang has an unusually sensitive analysis of the issue of the Yale student who was caught plagarizing her novel... he astutely tied it into the whole issue of expectations that are placed on many young Asian-Ameriacn students. (His blog is: Got an e.mail from Stephen Kent Jusick, about the benefit auction for MIX that will be held at the new Leslie-Lohman Gallery. Information can be found at and it's pretty funny: Kodak donated a passel of disposable cameras, and these were distributed to some 150 "celebrities" who then returned the cameras without developing the film. So it's a surprise what they shot. There are so many people! Eileen Myles. Gus Van Sant. Ira Sachs. Rose Troche. Jill Clayburgh. Plus a bunch of Colt exclusives. Tom Judson (as Gus Mattox) is included. So is Jake Andrews. I might have to go just so that i can make a bid on their cameras.

The next few weeks will be busy: have things to do for the IFP and for the Asian-American Film Festival. It'll be interesting to see if the recent developments re: nonprofit media organizations (those crises that have been chronicled in IndieWire) will bear out in terms of the results of this year's festivals.

Had dinner with my mother, a belated mother's day celebration. My brother stopped by to pick up one of my mother's old party dresses: my niece Jessica is going to alter it, and wear it at one of the three "Sweet 16" parties she's going to in the next month. She's decided that, even though she is going to wear a different dress for each party (this seems to be mandatory), she's not going to spend that much to get three totally new dresses. Jessica is really quite sensible, in addition to everything else. I'm really very proud of her. But i'm sorry that the art world that's around now isn't the same as when i was her age: for all the insanity, it was pretty wonderful, and even then, i knew i was lucky to be part of it, and now it's mostly vanished, an object of nostalgia.


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