Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On George Robinson's blog (, he writes about the current AIDS crisis, but he also writes about water imagery in film. On Matt Zoller Seitz's blog (, he writes about one of Ray Carney's books on John Cassavetes. However, Matt makes one (usual) error: he talks about Cassavetes and Burt Lane trying to start an alternative to the Actors Studio, and cites Lee Strasberg as a "guru" who taught Marlon Brando. But Brando always insisted (and let it be known) that Strasberg had never been his teacher, the only "teachers" Brando ever acknowledged were... his mother and Stella Adler. That's it. Stella Adler.

Onto another day of ND/NF, and if these movies are as middling as most of the others.... well, i don't know if i'll make it through the end of the week (especially since it's supposed to snow on Friday).


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