Monday, March 13, 2006

From a fortune cookie: "The social scene can be fun today." That was certainly true on Saturday. I had been messing around, watching TV (two movies on the Fox Movie Channel: "Everything Happens at Night" one of the most anomalous Sonja Henie vehicles, and "A Circle of Deception" a WWII melodrama from 1960, a pan-and-scan version of a Scope movie) and didn't get to the gym. Larry came back, and insisted that i go to openings, because one of them was going to be the reception for Jonas's George Macuinas exhibition at the Maya Stendhal Gallery. So i went, and it turned out to be fun. The galleries in Soho were crazy: the Spencer Brownstone opening was insane, but the Artists Space opening was fun. The Artists Space exhibit wasn't even an "art" exhibition: it was a series of charts and graphs on the walls, all showing the "interconnections" between artists. Ran into a lot of people, including Robin Vachal.

Watched "Big Love" on HBO; a tough call, because the tone is not really comic: it's very deliberately paced, and it's more creepy than funny, and i think that's the intention. Spent part of the day looking at various blogs: Dave Kehr's, Matt Zoller Seitz's, Anthony Kaufman's on IndieWire. Big news of the weekend was the return of "The Sopranos". Surprise ending? That's the problem, i think not.


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