Wednesday, August 01, 2018

It's been almost a year since i've posted anything on this blog; i've been seeing a lot, but mostly i post a short notice on Facebook, and usually those short takes get read. I also spent a year posting a daily "birthday tribute" to directors and actors (also on Facebook). One important feature was my attempt to highlight the contributions of women. I especially wanted to make sure that women directors were featured, and i tried to make sure these were as international as possible.

But actually my lack of interest in maintaining my blog has to do with my depression: the fact that we are now living under a fascist regime is the cause of despair. There's no other word for it: we must face the fact that we are no longer a "democracy" (whatever that is) but a country ruled by an autocrat who was elected on a technicality (the Electoral College) that was facilitated by foreign interference. And he is abetted by the Republican Party. Exactly what can be done is open to question.

And so one marches, one signs petitions, one donates to causes (Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Move On, et al), one does what one can.

However, since my last post, there have been: The New York Film Festival (which is fast approaching once again), New Directors/New Films, DOC NYC, Rendez-vous With French Cinema, BAM CinemaFest, as well as various smaller film events. And so i'll be reporting on my experiences at these film events.


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