Thursday, May 24, 2012

One moment of "the sublime": "Smash" had been stumbling along all season, when there was a moment when Anjelica Huston was sitting in the hotel lobby (the musical-in-the-show is having its out-of-town try-outs) when the lounge pianist (played by Marc Shaiman, the composer for the series) starts to play the Kurt Weill "September Song". Huston goes up to him and says she loves that song, and he asks her if she knows it, and she says, of course... and then she proceeds to sing it! And that moment brought tears to my eyes, because when i was growing up, we had the original recording of "September Song", which (of course) came from "Knickerbocker Holiday" (book and lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, music by Kurt Weill), and sung by the star of that show... Walter Huston! Anjelica Huston paying tribute to her grandfather: show business doesn't get better than that!


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