Thursday, June 09, 2011

So much seen in the past two weeks. The Brooklyn Academy of Music will be having its third annual CinemaFest; there were press screenings, and i've now seen twelve of the movies which will be screened. There's a lot to think about, and quite a few trends to discuss.

The Atlantic Avenue Artwalk 2011 was last weekend, and turned out to be a lot of fun, but it seemed more a crafts fair than any sort of art event.

There's a heat advisory out: the temperatures are expected to climb to almost 100 degrees. It's brutal out there.

Last week, there was an obituary for Adolfas Mekas in the New York Times. Of course, i had not seen Adolfas in years, but it was a shock to realize he was 85 years old! When i was working down at the old Anthology Film Archives at 80 Wooster Street, i shared the basement office with Pola Chappelle, Adolfas's wife: she was working on the preservation of Jerome Hill's films. If Adolfas was 85, that means Jonas should be 82.

But on Friday, i went to Anthology (now located at 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue) for the press screening of Jacqueline Caux's documentary "Prism's Colors, Mechanics of Time", and when i got out of the screening, i heard the sound of an infant running around; turned out that a young couple was in the lobby, there to help set up for some event that evening at Anthology, and they'd brought their baby with them. But the sound of children running around Anthology: that wasn't so uncommon when i was working there, because Pola would sometimes bring their son Sean, and Jonas would sometimes bring his daughter Oona. The documentary was itself nostalgic, in that it was a document of the music scene of the 1960s and beyond, with interviews from John Cage, LaMonte Young, Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, Phil Glass, Meredith Monk.... in a funny way, the experience was alienating, because i was by myself, and Anthology wasn't the Anthology of my youth (when it started at the Public Theater and then moved to 80 Wooster Street) and yet the experience was one which was reminiscent of Anthology in the mid-1970s. And that included Jacqueline Caux's documentary.


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