Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's been more than a week, i'm just getting back to some sort of normal, the election was amazing, no matter what you thought about the specifics of the candidates. By the time Election Day rolled around, the campaigns seemed inordinately long... yet, as Bill Maher said on his program "Real Time", it was also the most exciting campaign in any of our lifetimes. And the results really did say something about the changing America.

Television has become such an integral part of the news. In terms of the elections: two of the most fascinating comments made about the election were: 1) Al Sharpton on the D.L. Hughley Show before the weekend before the election; 2) Gloria Steinem on Oprah the day after the election.

Sharpton's point was that Barack Obama was truly an African-American, he is not a black American who is using that term. But Sharpton's point is that Obama's background is not the typical African-American story, it shows that black America has become "diverse" and that there are different stories, not all black Americans are descended from slaves, etc.

Gloria Steinem's statement was that, ever since the end of the 1960s, it seemed as if those of us who had a belief in progressive ideas, in change, were estranged from our own country. And finally, there seemed to be enough of a margin to believe that change was possible.

But (of course) this positive sign was accompanied by all the statutes to ban gay marriage.

Anyway... have a lot of thoughts about that, but just watched "Hard, Fast and Beautiful" (directed by Ida Lupino) on TCM, and now feel tired.


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